Types of Braces

Six Month Smiles

Dr. Joanne O Riordan is a certified provider of Six Month Smile. This revoloutionary new system from America can transfrom your smile in just 6 months.

Church Street Dental has been providing conventional orthodontics for over 10 years and this is the gold standard treatment for children and teenagers.

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Damon Self-Ligating Metal

The Damon System is a stainless steel option which we use for our teenagers. They allow the teeth to be moved gently with minimal friction. 
damon-clear - cavan braces
Friction between the wires and brackets during tooth movement can cause root shortening and long-term problems so the Damon System is kinder to your teeth.

The Damon System usually eliminates the need for tooth extractions. This means a bigger smile and shorter treatment times. With this system we provide fast, comfortable treatment and fewer appointments.

The Damon Difference

Other metal brace systems need elastics to keep the wire in place. These elastic ligatures create friction and binding and require more force and more-frequent adjustments.

damon braces at Cavan Braces
Damon brackets, on the other hand, have little trap doors which are easier for the patient during the adjustment visits. Damon passive self-ligating brackets allow freedom of movement and thus faster results with gentler forces.

It’s the biologically sensible way to improve tooth position and facial aesthetics.




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