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Six Month Smiles

Dr. Joanne O Riordan is a certified provider of Six Month Smile. This revoloutionary new system from America can transfrom your smile in just 6 months.

Church Street Dental has been providing conventional orthodontics for over 10 years and this is the gold standard treatment for children and teenagers.

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Client Testimonials


“Before receiving  treatment at Cavan Braces, I was very self-conscious of my teeth when I smiled. Both my 2 front eye teeth were very prominent and were noticeable  and I knew the only solution was braces. Conscious of what they would be like I arranged an appointment with Dr. Joanne O’ Riordan and I know I made the right choice.
Having seen previous orthodontic cases of Dr. Riordans and being informed of her many years of experience in orthodontics I knew that she would be able to give me the smile I wanted.
Having had the braces for 19 months, I must admit that every last minute was worth it as it paid of in the end. Even after only a few months my teeth had dramatically changed and we’re taking perfect shape.the braces themselves were almost completely pain-free and I never had any problems with them throughout my treatment. Joanne was excellent  and always informed me of what she was doing and what my next steps were.
Also With an affordable payment plan set up by Cavan Braces and regular check-ups every 2 months , I never had anything to worry about .
Overall my orthodontic treatment with Joanne was exceptional. Her experienced staff were always extremely friendly and always put me at ease. I couldn’t have asked for a better service.
Now 3 months after having my braces removed, My teeth still look as good as they did the day they were taken off and I now have regained the confidence to smile again. I owe it all to Joanne and her team. Thank You”

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“Before I went to Cavan Braces I wasn’t confident or happy with how my teeth looked. I booked an appointment with Joanne and I’ve never looked back. She gave me the advice and knowing how self-conscious I was about my teeth and smile, she recommended clear braces. They were practically pain-free and with regular check-ups and an affordable payment plan, I finally got the smile I always wanted. Now I am confident and have a thousand and one reasons to smile. Thanks Joanne!!”

by: Erin Keapock

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“I had always hated my teeth , I was so conscious of them and refused to smile for photos. The older I got, the more I dreaded the idea of braces. However, Joanne and her team made me feel completely at ease about having them. I was pleasantly surprised of how unnoticeable the braces were and I began to love having them as you could see them working immediately. The six months absolutely flew by and before I knew it they were off revealing perfect results. Eighteen months later, my teeth are still perfectly straight. I cannot recommend “six month smile” enough, it is without a doubt the best money I have ever spent!”

by: Enya

“Dr. Joanne is committed to perfection and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her team members are professional, efficient and lots of fun! My braces needed 6 weekly adjustments which were quick and painless. I can smile with confidence now. Keep up the good work!”

by: Amhlaoibh Brady



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